Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miss Congeniality 2009 ASIN

Bollywood Miss Congeniality 2009 (drum rolls please!) is Asin. Yes, none other than the Ghajini actress, who made her recent debut, has been given the title of Miss Congeniality 2009 in the tinsel town.

It is very shocking that there is someone who herself being an actress can gel well with other actresses in Bollywood these days. We all are familiar with Kajol, Kareena and Amisha Patel's bad attitude. Whereas this Bollywood actress, Asin has been caught being friendly enough to the hyped Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Recently, in an award show, they were spotted sitting together.

Asin and Aishwarya were seen talking and giggling throughout the award ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, they have also exchanged numbers. Can we expect friendship out of this? Or they have already deleted their numbers? We have only seen cat fights among heroines. Can't expect much but they might have a strong bond as both of them are from the 'Tulu' community!

Asin was also seen to be talking and laughing with Priyanka Chopra. There are no similarities or common between these two but they hit it off as soon as they met each other.

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