Saturday, January 2, 2010


Remember the Vittalacharya directed, Jaganmohini in which Jayamalini played the lead role. Jagan Mohini became a major hit and even outwitted a film starring both big guns of Telugu NTR and Akkineni Nageswara Rao.
Now the movie Jaganmohini is going to be remade again and is going to be directed by N K Viswanathan. Namitha

In an era bounded with lots of fantastic remakes, happens to be so unique of its genre. Year's back, one of the eminent auteurs Vittalacharya spelled an exceptional flick 'Jagan Mohini' based on mythological lines. Perhaps, the film churned out in early 70s was untouched by top-charting contemporary filmmakers as they felt it to be off complications.

Even so, Filmmaker N.K. Viswanathan remakes it roping the best computer generated graphics of latest trends. Featuring Namitha in lead role, something had really concerned Viswanathan and that was all about making a fast beat Kuthu number that will feature and ace actress Jayamalini. Nevertheless, the actress refused this offer due to age factor.

Know who's the one replacing her now?

It's none other than the pretty actress sister of Jayamalini who's been sizzling with their stunning dances all throughout these ages and that's more illustrious with her moments in 'Muthu' and 'Sedhu'…Here's something more relevant between the original and remake version of Jagan Mohini…Initially Vittalacharya madethe film in Telugu and witnessing the success dubbed it into Tamil. On the pars, Viswanathan remakes the film in Tamil and dubs it for Telugu version with the same title…

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